Counseling Overview

The Aggie Health and Wellness Center provides counseling services with a staff of counselors and psychologists that are here to assist students with crisis, mental health, and personal growth and well-being issues. Services are free and confidential to NMSU main campus students. We strive to create a safe and affirming climate where students can feel comfortable exploring the importance of their identity and life experiences regarding diversity and how this might relate to the issues and concerns students may want to address in counseling.

An on-call counselor is available to assist with crisis situations daily.

Eligibility and Services

Main Campus NMSU students are eligible for mental health services offered at AHWC.
  •  Short-term Individual Counseling (session limit may apply)
  •  Walk-in Crisis Counseling
  •  Group Counseling (unlimited)
  •  Behavioral Health Consultation
  •  Campus Outreach including psychoeducational workshops on campus
  •  Consultation with faculty, staff, or student groups
  •  Psychological Assessment including ADHD assessment (fee may apply)
  •  Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management (fee may apply)
Each NMSU student is eligible for up to 12 individual counseling sessions each academic year (August-July).
This session limit policy is designed to ensure that new counseling appointments are available to NMSU students throughout the year and to try to avoid the need for a waiting list for counseling services.

How to Initiate Counseling

If you are interested in receiving counseling at AHWC, you can come to the center (at the corner of Breland Dr. and Stewart St.) and meet with an on-call counselor. Counselors are available to meet with walk-in clients, Monday through Friday, 8:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:00-4:30 p.m.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All information that clients discuss with counselors is confidential. Counselors will not disclose confidential information outside of AHWC without a clients’ expressed consent.
There are four exceptions to confidentiality:
  •  The client is in imminent danger to self.
  •  The client is a significant danger to someone else.
  •  AHWC receives a valid subpoena signed by a judge.
  •  If a client shares that someone under 18 years of age, a dependent adult, or an elderly person is the victim of neglect, physical abuse, or sexual abuse.

Your Responsibilities

Counseling services are made available by appointment. Please notify us 24 hours in advance when canceling appointments.
For counseling services to be helpful, we need your compliance with agreed-upon treatment plans. Please see our complete listing of Patient/Client Rights and Responsibilities.


Emotional Support Animals (ESA) 

AHWC cannot provide accommodation letters for students who are requesting an emotional support animal (ESA). AHWC counselors do not specialize in this type of evaluation. Currently, AHWC is not aware of any providers in the Las Cruces community that can provide ESA evaluations. There are online referral services that may be able to help you find a licensed professional that can provide this type of evaluation and documentation but AHWC is unable to endorse specific providers or referral sources.