CEP-Practicum Training

Our Counseling Service is a practicum site for the second year doctoral students in the Counseling & Educational Psychology (CEP) program at NMSU. Our site has also been an internship site for master’s level CEP students and advanced doctoral students looking for field experience. Students will gain experience working at an integrated university setting working with a range of clinical concerns and various client identities on an interdisciplinary team. Practicum trainees will gain additional experience conducting individual and group counseling, outreach workshops, and potentially triage and crisis intervention experience (depending on system need and experience).

For further information on either training program, contact Alejandro Cervantes, PhD (facilitator of the practicum program) at dro@nmsu.edu or 575-646-1512.

Diverse populations served:

New Mexico State University serves a diverse array of students. Per 2020 data (https://oia.nmsu.edu/files/2021/03/2020-Quick-Facts-Final-13OCT2020.pdf)  this breaks down to:

  • Hispanic: 57.7%
  • White: 27.0%
  • Nonresident: 5.4%
  • Black/ African American: 2.6%
  • American Indian/ Native American: 2.3%
  • Two or More: 2.3%
  • Asian: 1.3%
  • Race and/or Ethnicity Unknown: 1.2%
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.2%