Health Care Overview

Fees for Health Services

There is no charge for a routine office visit for students who have paid the NMSU Health Fee. The Health Fee is included in tuition for full-time main campus students. Part-time or community college students may choose to purchase the health fee to gain access.
An office visit fee applies to all students not classified as full-time who have not paid the health fee or are transitional students (3 months post-graduation).

Fees that apply to all students:

  • Office Visit Fee for Psych Nurse ($35/Visit)
  • Fees for laboratory tests, x-ray procedures, or medical supplies
  • Fees for diagnostic procedures or treatments
  • Costs of prescriptions filled by the Center pharmacy (prescriptions may be filled at the pharmacy of your choice)
  • Individual fees are available on request and provided as a statement after the visit


Referrals to other facilities, providers, or specialty clinics are not covered by the NMSU health fee. Charges associated with referrals are the responsibility of the student and are subject to insurance co-pays and deductibles.
Student Status Fee*
Full-Time Student(Main Campus)(12+ Credits) $0 Office Visit
Part-Time Student (1-5 Credits) $105.00/Semester
Part-Time Student (6-11 Credits) $79.00/Semester
DACC Students (No Main Campus Credits) $313.25/Semester
One-Time Office Visit (Part-Time Main Campus Students) $35/Visit
Office Visit Fee for Consultant $35/Visit $35/Visit

*Fees do not cover charges incurred by the laboratory, pharmacy, x-ray, diagnostic procedures, or consumable medical supplies.