Employee Health Care Services

NMSU employees may elect to see a provider at the Aggie Health and Wellness Center for their acute health care needs beginning Oct. 7th, 2019. Chronic, long term care should be followed by the patient ‘s primary care (PCP).
Diagnostic testing, imaging and specialty referrals ordered by AHWC providers can be applied to insurance plans payable according to policy benefits as an out of network provider.
Full, part time and temporary employees may use the AHWC by paying the office visit fee of $20.00.

Patient Charges

Employees pay a $20.00 fee for each visit to AHWC. Insurance filling assistance is available.
Charges are accessed for the following AHWC services:
  • Laboratory testing
  • Prescription/medications
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Diagnostic procedures and treatment
Payments will be accepted by cash, check, credit card, or NMSU AggieCa$h, and are due at the time services are rendered. All charges associated with referrals, outside testing, procedures and treatment become the responsibility of the patient.

Access and Eligibility Guidelines

  • Open to all employees (full, part-time, temporary) of NMSU including community campuses if they are in Las Cruces.
  • Provide only acute medical care for minor illness and injury
  • Same-day appointments which open at 8:00 am Monday-Friday until filled
  • Urgent care will be assessed through nurse triage during operational hours
  • Employees are able to utilize the AHWC services during work hours, with supervisor approval without having to use annual or sick leave. Flex time may be considered due to customer service needs or deadlines that need to be met in the department.  Sharing of medical information to supervisors is not necessary and should not be requested.  Procedures are in place for employees to obtain documentation from the AHWC to provide to their supervisor verifying the appointment.
  • $20 office visit charge, which is less than insurance co-pays, with additional fees for laboratory testing, pharmacy, x-ray or procedures
  • Payment is due at the time services are rendered by cash, check, credit card or AggieCa$h
  • The AHWC is not an in-network provider for any insurance plan including Medicare and Medicaid but most services are lower than deductibles and co-pays on insurance plans
  • The AHWC will courtesy file for insurance plans if the employee seeks personal reimbursement and has insurance card for verification