Social Services

NMSU Social Services

NMSU Social Services connects students to resources on campus, in the greater Las Cruces community, and federally funded programs.  Those resources could be anything from basic needs, such as food, shelter, or health care, to issues such as finding childcare, financial assistance, counseling, or legal aid.
Need assistance?
Make an appointment! Social Services is here for you! Contact Amanda Nunez at (575) 646-6854 or 
*Housing insecurity includes a broad set of challenges such as the inability to pay rent or utilities, or the need to move frequently. All of these challenges affect students, and results suggest that they are more likely to suffer some form of housing insecurity than to have all their needs met during college. (1)
**Homelessness means that a person does not have a stable place to live. (1)
  1. Goldrick-Rab, S., Baker-Smith, C., Coca, V., Looker, E., & Williams, T. (April, 2019). College and University Basic Needs Insecurity: A National #RealCollege Survey Report.

On-Campus Resources

Community Resources

Help our students experiencing housing insecurity by donating to the Emergency Housing Fund! Donations to the Emergency Housing Fund (EHF) are dispersed to NMSU and DACC students experiencing housing insecurity* or homelessness**.
Donate to our Emergency Housing Fund here
Payroll deduction for NMSU staff is also available here