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X-ray services are available at the Aggie Health & Wellness Center. We have a digital radiology equipment that allows our healthcare providers to see your results quickly and securely on-site.

To get an x-ray, you need an order from a healthcare provider.

Off-campus healthcare providers can give you a written order to have the x-ray completed at the facility. We will send results to the provider who ordered them. Orders should include the date, type of x-rays needed, the healthcare provider’s signature, and your medical history pertinent to your illness or injury.

The AHAWC does not provide MRIs, CT scans, ultrasound, bone scans, mammograms or other radiology specialties but we can refer to local facilities for that service. If you need more information you can call X-ray at (575) 646-3124.

The student health fee does not cover ancillary charges for services such as x-ray, pharmacy, and laboratory. These charges will be assessed when you check out from the facility. If you have questions about your diagnostic test or charges for them, please consult with a medical provider or nursing staff member.