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Suicide Prevention Trainings

The following are training workshops that are available to faculty/staff, classes, and student groups/organizations. These workshops include lectures and activities geared towards crisis intervention and suicide prevention. The workshops are designed with content that is appropriate and accessible to anyone, not just mental health providers. Counseling Services staff in the AHWC have been certified to provide these trainings.


  • 60-90 minute workshop
  • Focus on exploring understanding and attitudes about suicide
  • Includes some information about how to help someone in need


  • Two day workshop
  • Focus on suicide intervention skills

If you would like further information about these training programs, you can visit the LivingWorks website. Contact Dario Silva to schedule a training workshop for your class, office, program, or department.

Other Related Trainings

In addition to the above workshops, we may also be able to provide additional trainings on other topics related to students in distress. If you would like an outreach presentation or guest lecture on any of these topics, please visit our Outreach page to make a request. Some examples may include:

  • Recognizing mental health needs of students such as depression and anxiety
  • Active listening skills for approaching a student in crisis and how to make a referral
  • Information on Counseling Center services and ways to use us as a resource