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Social Services

We are Here to Help

Social Services at NMSU are available to students to assist in meeting needs and overcoming barriers to reaching educational goals.

Many college students have encountered times of hardship where they did not have enough resources to meet their needs and did not know where to go to find help. Those resources could be anything from basic needs, such as food, shelter, or health care, to issues such as finding childcare, financial assistance, counseling, or legal aid. Other students who come to college are living away from home and their familiar support systems. They may need help learning about NMSU, the Las Cruces area, local resources, and how to navigate those resources and systems. Sometimes a student’s needs are so great that hardship turns into a crisis, and the student’s academic achievement suffers. This may cause the student to drop out of college altogether.

Need some help?
Make an appointment! You are not alone! Social Services (575) 646-6854

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