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Aggie Cupboard – New Mexico Hunger

What do you know about Hunger in New Mexico?

Did you know that New Mexico is ranked 1st in the nation for childhood hunger and 2nd for hunger in the general population?

According to Map the Meal Gap Study, New Mexico is the most food insecure state when it comes to feeding children. 3 years prior, NM was ranked 11th in child hunger.

In New Mexico a total of 1/3 or 156,930 children are suffering from some level of food insecurity.

The top 5 NM counties with the highest rates of hunger

County Children
Luna 43.2%
Guadalupe 36.8%
McKinley 30.5%
Cibola 30.1%
Hidalgo 28.9%
County Overall Population
Luna 25.4%
McKinley 21.2%
Guadalupe and Mora 19.4%
Torrance 18.7%
Cibola 18.2%

Bernalillo County has the largest number of hungry people with 112,090 or 17.1% followed by Doña Ana County at 18.1% or 37,280 people.
All facts and statistics came from a study conducted in 2013 called Map the Meal Gap by Feeding America

NMSU Students

In Spring 2011, students were asked to participate in a Daily Living Needs Survey conducted by NMSU Social Work Services. Those who responded reported the following:

  • 44% skipped meals at least monthly
  • More than 1/3 of the students reported having to choose between paying bills or getting groceries at least once
  • 1 in 5 students reported that hunger regularly affected their grades or ability to concentrate.