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Training Staff bios

Adam Dziedzic, Ph.D., Group Coordinator/Psychology Resident

Clinical interests:  eating disorders & long-term weight control, body image anxieties, men’s issues, relationship concerns, spirituality, and coping with trauma.

Blake Riddell, Psy.D., Psychology Resident

Clinical interests: substance use disorders, ADHD, trauma, mood disorders, working with LBGT+ and student athletes, couples

Carol Fonseca, Ph.D., Training Coordinator/Licensed Counseling Psychologist

Clinical interests: trauma, sexuality, working with LGBT+ and students of color, first generation college student concerns, identity development and integration.

Chantelle Yazzie, LSMW, Outreach & Diversity Coordinator/Counselor

Clinical interests: trauma, working with students of color, first generation college issues, acculturation stress and identity negotiation and development, art therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapies, and narrative therapy.

Dr. John Lee, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Clinical interests: transitions, growth and renewal, multiple intersecting identities and positionalities, action methods and social justice

Eve Adams, Ph.D., NSMU Counseling & Educational Psychology Program Training Director (consultant and support staff for training program)