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Academic Technologies for Instructional Continuity (COVID-19)


3.11.20 Update from the Provost

Academic deans have been charged with the responsibility of leading planning efforts in their colleges to ensure they are prepared to deliver courses without in-person class meetings, SHOULD THAT BECOME NECESSARY. The colleges and their faculty are empowered to be creative and use all appropriate strategies and resources available to them, all toward the goal of preventing virus transmission. The colleges will also be planning for special situations such as lab sections, etc. NMSU’s ICT Department is also planning how it might assist students who may not have home computers or Internet access.

In particular, faculty are encouraged to plan for ways to:

(1) facilitate faculty-student communications through web conferencing technology, and

(2) maximize use of the LMS to distribute/collect materials and assignments, take attendance, etc.  

ICT and Academic Technologies have identified information and training resources as a starting point for faculty who have not previously used technology to facilitate course delivery.  Increased training sessions and training videos are also being offered.  This information has been shared with the academic deans.

Faculty should look first to their supervisors and college leadership for guidance. Provost’s Office resources will be available to help implement the colleges’ strategies, as needed.

There has been no official decision to implement these strategies on the Las Cruces campus yet, as there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Las Cruces area. To date, the Las Cruces campus remains mostly ‘business as usual’ with respect to course delivery, aside from ongoing efforts to prevent transmission. Faculty, students and staffed also are encouraged to participate in ongoing efforts to keep desk and table work surfaces and work areas clean and disinfected as frequently as possible.

Our future responses will be guided by directives from the NM Dept. of Health.

For additional information regarding emergency online instruction, Academic Technologies has developed a resource page for instructional continuity.