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Counseling Services Offered


You would meet with a counselor one-on-one to address your concerns. During the first meeting, you and your counselor will set goals and talk about your meeting schedule. In individual counseling, people will often discuss relationship concerns, family difficulties, feelings of depression or anxiety, academic issues, recovery from traumatic events, or hopes of wanting to better your life.


You and your partner would meet with a counselor to address relationship concerns. It can be used to gain more insight into each other, to learn new and more effective ways of communication, rebuild emotional security, and to learn how to solve problems.


You would be meeting with a small group of your peers who are facing similar concerns. Our groups tend to have a particular focus or theme, some of which are more specific than others. You would be meeting with the same group of people and facilitators each week. Group members are encouraged to discuss their difficulties, changes they want to make in life, and how to make those changes. Groups often provide a kind of support and experience that is not possible in other settings. All group members are required to sign an agreement to maintain confidentiality.