Heart Health

Your heart pumps blood to and from all organs in your body.  Therefore, in order for the rest of your body to maintain it’s healthy state, your heart needs to be healthy enough to keep the blood circulating!  There are many activities to maintain and improve your heart health including consistent and frequent exercise, hydration, healthy foods, and maintaining a healthy mind.  Check out the links and resources below for more information, and please, contact us if you would ever like to know more!


Campus Health Center Resources & Activities

Blood Pressure Screenings

There are several events throughout the school year in which these screenings are also made free and more available across campus.  Contact the Campus Health Center for more information or to set up a blood pressure screening.

Full Blood Panel Testing

Similarly, the Campus Health Center Laboratory throws an event each year in which students, faculty, staff, and Aggie Fit members have a significantly reduced price for a full blood panel.  The panel displays a snap shot of your current vascular health enabling you to see what is great and what might not be so great so you can take control of your health!  This event usually occurs in February but testing may occur at any time during the year.  Stop in or contact the Campus Health Center for more information!

Healthy Heart Month

February is the nationally recognized Heart Health Month!  Follow our educators as we scurry through campus educating and empowering members to be heart healthy!  We have more information and materials at the Campus Health Center.  Please stop by for any of your heart health needs! <3

Outside Resources

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