It is a common understanding that diet and nutrition have a direct impact on your health.  However, there are many different perspectives and fads expressing what they think is is and what is not healthy.  Simple rules include, fresh foods, a vegetable and fruit dense plate, a colorful plate, healthy fats, and limited sodium, sugar, & processed foods.  Over the years NMSU has really come together to promote healthy eating on campus.  Check out the links and resources below for more information!

On Campus Resources

Nutrition Coalition

Recently, various groups across NMSU have been collaborating to put together all their nutritional efforts in one place so students, faculty, and staff will no longer need to hunt down their nutritional resources on campus.  Please refer to the brochure below for more information and contact us if you would like to more insight!

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Sodexo’s Mindful Initiative at Taos Dining Hall
  • Mindful is all about becoming aware of the foods you are eating.
  • NMSU Campus Dining has many avenues for mindful and healthy eating.
  • Mindful Mondays will occur biweekly in which the Campus Health Center will offer insightful information and tips on all things relating to healthy eating.
  • Toas will have at least one mindful option at each food station
  • There will be the mindful logo for each healthy food option
  • All nutritional information for each meal is on the dining website
  • Alternative options are also available:
    • Gluten Free
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan

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Campus Gardens

Gardening is a great way to get in your fresh fruits and vegetables.  And you will know exactly what went into making that food.

  • There are two main garden locations on campus:
    • South Campus Gardens for residents living in south campus housing
      • Free lots, hose, and education.
      • Need to tend for your own space
    • Student Research and Education Gardens near Gerald Thomas
      • Open and free to all student groups and organizations
      • Need to personally tend and maintain your own space.
      • Contact Mark Uchanski

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MyFitnessPal is great for nutrition tracking and awareness.  You can either scan the bar code of a menu/food item or look up the item in the application database.  Afterwards all the nutritional information, including caloric, fat, sugar, carbohydrate, and vitamin content will appear on your screen.  Saving the menu items in your application diary allows you to see how many calories and nutrients you have received each day, week, and so on.  On top of all this, Sodexo Dining Hall and other locations on campus are incorporating MyFitnessPal bar codes  in their menu items for full awareness and control over your diet!



New Mexico State University and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) have partnered up to promote cancer research, education, and awareness to NMSU and surrounding areas.  A huge component of cancer prevention involves a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating!  Check out the resources from NMSU-FHCRC for more nutrition information!


Student Involvement
  • There are many student organizations on campus with your health in mind. Consider participating for further education and awareness for your health.
    • Human Nutrition and Food Science Club
    • OASIS
    • PHSO
    • ESSO
    • Crimson Creations
      • Student run store offering student made products
        • Gelato
        • Dry Food Mixes
        • Flowers
        • Vegetables
  • NMSU Family & Consumer Sciences is also a great way for students to learn and become active professional models for a healthier New Mexico.
  • Student Association of Nutrition & Dietetics (SAND)


NMSU Nutrition Extension Office

The NMSU Extension Office located in Gerald Thomas is dedicated to serving the community’s nutrition needs through a variety of tactics including research, education, and resource support/location.


Farmers Market

What better way to eat healthy and support your community than to buy your food at the farmer’s market?  Check out the link above for more information about markets in NM.



Supplemental Resources