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Exercising is one of the most effective practices to maintain and improve your health.  Exercising increases your energy, mental clarity, and healthy body functioning.  Students, Faculty, and Staff on campus can improve their work and school tasks by simply exercising!

NMSU Resources

NMSU Wellness Page 

Recreational Sports

Aggie Fit

One of the best resources for exercising and fitness is our campus Activity Center, which is located on the corner of Stewart and Locust Street.  There are exercise classes, exercise equipment, a track, ball courts, and professionals on staff to help you meet your specific health and fitness needs.  All access is free for full time students and at reduced rates for faculty, staff, and part time students (Aggie Fit).  Check out any of the links above for more information!

Outside Resources

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Helpful Applications


MyFitnessPal is a free, new, and innovative application that allows the user to track diet and exercise based on their individual and unique goals.  The app allows users to scan food items into the app to access and save nutritional information and follow friends or other groups for health and fitness guidance.  The NMSU-FHCRC and Campus Health Center have paired up to create an account for this very reason!  Click on the image below to follow the link.  Fun fact, all foods in Sodexo Campus Dining can be scanned into your apps diary!

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MapMyFitness is a free, new, and innovative application that tracks your navigation, time, pace, heart rate, elevation, and calories burned during any exercise activity!  The app also allows the user to “like” and follow another person’s previous or saved routes.  The Campus Health Center has partnered with the NMSU-FHCRC to develop walking routes throughout campus for you to follow and meet your daily physical activity needs!

Follow the link here for more information and the link on the image below to access our mapmyfitness page!

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Linking MyFitnessPal & MapMyFitness

What better way to track and monitor your physical activity and nutrition than to combine the applications and get the best out of both worlds!? All information uploaded to either app can by automatically uploaded to the other for your convenience!

Syncing your accounts is easy! Follow the link for step by step instructions.

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