Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness Day 2014

Most students are bound to drink at some point in their college career.  Our goal is to make sure you are safe and aware of your healthy limit and to offer you plenty of resources if you are ever in need of help.  Do not hesitate to come to the Campus Health Center or Counseling Center for help, either, it’s completely free for full time students!

Campus Health Center Resources

What do we really know about alcohol?

Check out Alcohol Myths and Facts Here alcohol facts and myths poster

How much can you drink? Daily moderate alcohol consumption is typically 1-2 drinks per day.  This is based on your height and weight.

Check out the chart below to see your limit.  BMI alcohol limit poster

Not sure exactly what classifies ONE drink?

The red solo cup can help you out!solo cup poster


Free Mental Health Screening


This is a short anonymous online screening to quickly assess your mental status.  There will be tips, resources, and tools at the end of the screening to help!


Additional Resources

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

Wellness Alcohol and Violence Education

NMSU Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Therapists in Las Cruces 

Alcohol Facts and Stats

Alcohol Education Trust

Alcohol Education Project