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Our bodies are made more of water than anything else.  Water is so important that we can live longer without food than without hydration.  As students, we are constantly on the go and putting our mind and body through the ultimate endurance run.   What better way to assure we get the most out of our time at NMSU than to assure that we are fully charged and hydrated each day!?  Below, we have all the information and resources you could ever desire on the benefits, importance, and maintenance of water hydration in your daily lives.  Take a look!


On average each person should drink approximately 8 cups of water each day.

Wonder how much water YOU should drink each day?  Take a look at this chart and see!water intake

Water is essential for you body’s day to day functioning.  If you are well hydrated, your body will thank you for it!  Check out some of the cool benefits of drinking water here!water poster
Did you know that a sure way to determine your hydration status is to look at your urine?  YES!  The lighter your urine, the more hydrated you are.  Check out this chart for more information!
Urine Hydration Image
With all of this information, I am sure you are wondering how to best go about increasing your water intake.  Follow the link here for a guide to Increasing Your Water Intake.


Are you feeling confident, informed, and empowered?  Yes!

Take our Hydration Challenge now!

We have developed an 8 week hydration challenge that informs, educates, and empowers you even more on healthy ways to increase your water intake.  Check it out here: Hydration 8 Week Challenge.


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