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Competencies and Evaluation

Competencies for the internship are guided by the Standards of Accreditation (SoA) set forth by the APA Commission for Accreditation. Our APA-accredited internship training in health service psychology encompasses both Profession-Wide Competencies (PWC) and Program-Specific Competencies (PSC). An overview of the competencies are as follows:

Profession-Wide Competencies (PWC)

  1. Intervention
    1.  Psychotherapy
    2.  Crisis intervention
    3.  Triage (intake) interviewing
    4. Group counseling
    5.  Area of Emphasis
      • General psychological assessment
      • Training administration
      • Substance use treatment
      • Group
      • LGBT+
      • Social justice-focused outreach
      • Psychopharmacology (anticipated in Spring 2018)
  2. Assessment
  3. Individual & Cultural Diversity
  4. Professional Values, Attitudes, & Behaviors
    1. Receiving supervision
  5. Ethical and Legal Standards
  6. Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  7. Supervision
    1. Providing supervision
  8. Consultation & Interprofessional/Interdisciplinary Skills
    1. Social Justice Project
  9. Research
    1. Integration of research during case presentation

Programs-specific Competencies (PSC)

1.      Outreach & Program Evaluation

Formal evaluations will take place at three time periods throughout internship (November, March, and July). For both PWC’s and PSC’s, the following benchmarks are required for each evaluation period (based on a 5 point rating scale)

  • Evaluation 1 (end of November)- no less than a 2.5 on individual elements (items), as well as at least a 2.5 or higher on the overall competency ratings.
  • Evaluation 2 (end of March)- no less than 2.5 for individual elements (items), and at least a 3 or higher for the overall competency ratings.
  • Evaluation 3 (mid-July)- no less than a 3 on individual elements (items), and at least a 3.5 or higher for the overall competency ratings.

A rating of 1 on any item or overall rating indicates “Performs inadequately for a psychology intern in this area. Such a rating requires significant and close supervision and monitoring of basic skills in this area, for which a remediation plan is required.” A rating of 2 (marginal competence requiring frequent supervision and close supervision) on an element or overall competency rating may require a remediation plan depending on the circumstance.

Successful completion of the internship entails meeting the above benchmarks during each evaluation period to ensure attainment of profession-wide and program-specific competencies, as well as completing required hours (500 direct service and 2000 overall).